Dec 10, 2010

A long time between drinks


It’s been a very long time since we posted.

As with any household, birthday parties, social engagements, work commitments, coughs, colds and chicken pox have come and gone.  We are really looking forward to the rest over the Christmas close-down and for the time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and what the objectives are for the next 12- 18 months.

Ira has come a long long way in the last 4 months.

He finally started walking at the age of 2.  We were so proud and excited.  It seems to have helped significantly with development in all other areas- babble, words, play, cheekiness, stubbornness, determination, strength, determination, did I mention stubbornness?

He is such a strong little chap – and I’m thankful that 4yr old sis Edie- who he is now the same size as but heavier than- has not yet had a real donk.  He loves nothing more than cuddles with her, but still prefers to run up to her (and others) throwing his arms and full weight around whatever section of the body he lands on.  For Edie it is typically around the neck and head.  She is very tolerant (most times).

He is also madly in love with cars and handbags.  Nicely balanced?  His preferred mode of transport be it walking around the house, driving down to daycare with Edie, or going out in the buggy, is always to have a bag slung over his shoulder.

We’ve been trying to teach him ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ but so far he only does the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ on the end and confuses it with an E I E I O in the middle.  He’s pretty fond of Mr Old McDonald.

On the surgical list over the last 6 months was the removal of the springs that had been placed in his head again to pull any pressure back from his optic nerves.

They came out in November – and the news has been great:

·         Optic Nerves look better

·         ABR Hearing Test showed normal hearing- (hooray)

·         Eye sight good – no need for glasses currently but potentially surgery to tighten muscles at  some point (when he looks up his eyes track in a V shape)

·         Brain/Ventricles all looking good

So.. Christmas really did come early for us – when we look at what Ira has accomplished in such a short space of time we have to remind ourselves how far he’s come.  He now has a generous sprinkling of words although not using them together yet.  He can count to 10 – but only the even numbers! It is very very cute to hear though.

Edie is testing us at times at the moment.  At 4.5  she seems to be straddling  stroppy insolent teenager and reverting to infant tactics to make her point.  We are conscious that she’s been a bit run down with colds and latterly chicken pocks, but my resolve gave way the other morning after refusal of  5th outfit choice (that wasn’t togs, pink, or frilly skirt) and I caught myself telling her that I was going to sell her to the highest bidder.  Apparently in her world, everything is about choice.  And it’s her dinner so she will choose whether to eat it.  I think she’s interpreted a ‘teaching and development strand’ that may be currently being promulgated at her daycare centre- very liberally.   She insists she is entitled to choose when it is time to listen to her mother or father who are telling her it’s bed time.  The flip side however, is that when we tell her, she doesn’t rule the world (in nicer terms of course)  she accuses us of not ‘listening’ to her.  It’s been fun!  She really is a lovely natured child- I’d just like more of the sweet compliant easy going girl back please.

We are planning a wonderful Christmas Day at our place - with about 15 max.  Gael and Poppa are coming too which is very exciting.  The plan for next Christmas is Texas – so we’ll make the most of the kiwi traditions this year.
Will post Christmas pics next time

In the meantime, we wish everyone a safe healthy and stress free Christmas and New Year.

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  1. Great news guys - love the update. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases but know I'll see you well before then. Lots of love, Bex & family xxx