Apr 15, 2011

April Already!

It has been too long since we posted!  We are so busy with daycare/ prep for school/work and general day to day that we rarely grab the opportunity to update this site!

Ira has another blog that his amazing daycare centre contribute to - so we tend to focus more on that one.

Ira's progress at daycare is advancing in leaps and bounds, due we think, to having had the first decent break in his 2 and a half years (crikey is that all) from surgery and hospital time.  The days and nights in the Childrens' ward at Wellington Hospital seem well behind us- which I should probably not say too frequently for fear of jiinxing things.

All in all we are a happy but busy and tired lot! Life just doesn't seem to slow down, but we certainly have nothing to complain about with a little boy who lights up each day with tricks and laughter and a little girl who is very serious about getting big!  Big year for Edie- she starts school in July and gets to go to Disney Land when we travel to the States at Christmas.

No surgeries on the immediate horizon for Ira- he has his all important eye check in May next month to try and get a good look at what his optic nerves are doing.

We are eternally grateful for his amazing surgeons work in keeping any pressure at bay.

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