Feb 2, 2010

Back to School, Back to Work

The past couple of weeks have been busy!

It’s been hard getting back into the normal routines of work, daycare, chores and hospital appointments after the Christmas New Year break.
The weather hasn’t helped, but at last we're starting to get some sun. Ira has been a happy little camper although he certainly lets you know his frustration when left alone while you try to get a quick chore done. He's still getting around the house with his commando crawl, but is up on his feet a lot now, holding on to any objects within reach. I think I will fall off my chair with excitement and pride when he takes his first unaided step. Speaking of mile-stones, he has finally sprung his first tooth at the age of 17 months. It’s just through the surface, but a long time in the waiting! I was literally whoop whooping when I saw it. Poor Benj was away on a fishing trip so missed out on the excitement, but I’m sure was pretty excited anyway by virtue of being kid (and wife!?) free for 4 days on a chartered boat with 10 of his friends.

Other good news, surgery to separate the rest of his fingers has been booked for 11 February. Don’t get much notice, but the sooner the better!
Not so good, or at least worrying his mamma no-end was his recent routine eye check up. Our opthamologist noted his optic nerves looked raised or swollen which could indicate inter-cranial pressure. We were called in for a CT scan the next day which came back normal, but this still doesn’t explain the raised optic nerves. My worry, from what I have learned (thanks to the amazing List-Serve created by Don and Cathie Sears) is that it could suggest a blockage in the third ventricle of the brain. This doesn’t show up on CT’s and sometimes not on MRI’s, so of course we’re eager to follow this up. If left unchecked it could lead to partial or significant vision loss. Will keep you in touch on that one.

Edie gave me my first unsolicited I love you hug yesterday – was pretty pleased with that. She’s into role-playing at the moment, she likes to be ‘Amanda or Louise’ and pretend Benj & I are our friends Clay & Bex and their boy Roman is Ira. Hell of an imangination. She is still a very caring and doting big sister (most of the time) and her little unprovoked gestures of affection towards Ira, Lily and Nero always raise a smile and get us a little misty.
Grandma and Grandpa Berryman have been having the kids over a lot- which is great to let us get things done when we have to. Edie is very spoilt, as it is fair to say I am not the cook of the house, she delights in baking with Grandma when she goes there. Gael and Poppa Austen are missed but hopefully we’ll see them again soon.

As I mentioned, Benj went on a fishing trip with the 'boys' which made me truely appreciate the privilege of being blessed with a loving and supportive husband. I have huge appreciation for mums (or Dads) who are raising children on their own. It was a pretty full on time with no Dad around to help and I was very relieved to have a tired (but sporting fish and scallops) husband back home. The high-light of the long weekend was getting to spend more one-on-one time with my little boy. He thrives on more attention and unfortunately it does make me think how much better it would be for him if I was home more. If only we could win the lottery. Hopefully next post will report on successful surgery and I'll update on my girls-day-out to the Fashion Tent at the races for Wellington Cup Day.


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  1. I'm so excited to hear that Ira will soon have all 10 fingers!
    Edie sounds like such a heart melting little sweetheart!
    Keep us posted on those optic nerves!