Oct 24, 2009

Cranial Vault

Very quick update whilst home doing washing, Edie napping and Benj taken over at hospital.

The surgery went really well, no complications. He was under for a long time though- 8.30 in the morning until 4pm when they wheeled him into ICU.

The length was mainly because before they even started the forehead remodelling, he had his ears drained, new ear tubes placed, a conductive hearing test and an MRI.

Good news on the MRI, his brain looks tip-top. No raised pressure, plenty of room, so they decided against putting springs in the back of his head in order to pull it out for more room. This plus the fact that his sleep study was good, avoided anything on top of the forehead advancement.

His surgeons have said he shouldn't need a further one, so next big head surgery (if all goes well) would be the Le Fort III. What a great time if he could get through to then. Although he has final syndactyly release early next year.

So, he is very swollen which we knew to expect and is pretty sleepy most of the time, but has been up for cuddles with Dad today.

He has had a couple of throw ups which were fairly large, but they're just monitoring that at this stage. He's pretty thirsty so it's hard not to keep giving him formula- but if he schlurps too much back, it's probably not going to stay down. He's not complaining too much yet!

We're so proud of Ira.
Will update again soon.


  1. Glad to hear all is going well. We'll be doing the same thing here way across the pond in little more thank a weeks time with Isaiah.

  2. Glad to hear things went well especially the MRI and sleep study. He'll be back to himself in no time but it will take a bit for the swelling to go down. If you can manage, elevate the head of his bed and he won't wake up extra swollen in the mornings.

  3. Thanks Brian and Marie. I am amazed at how well Ira has come through this one. I fear that we will just come to expect that he recovers so well and doesn't seem to cry and howl like I would! I'm sure, we still have a very bumpy road ahead however. Hope your boys are well and all the very best for your vault little Isaiah.

  4. Hi, thinking of you all at this time and really happy that you have come through well. Take care and if you want to chat let us know. Paul, Chynel and Natalie 5 with Aperts.