Feb 28, 2009

Entrance, stage right

Hello, is there anybody in there? good.

For some time, I've thought the practice of blogging is best left to others. I like to read some, have some favourites, but never felt the need to own my own. Recently this has changed. Things seem to happen quickly lately, I fear the memories might lapse or the facts will get filed in some far rarely accessed pocket of grey matter. For you, dear readers, I guess this is where you can come follow the journal of Berryman - should you care to.

So by way of introduction, we'll go youngest first.

Ira. In his short six months, the Mighty Ira Charles has been through more than most. He has Apert syndrome, which in brief is an irregularity in the way his bones grow. Head grows up instead of out; face around the eyes, nose and upper jaw is slow to advance; has mitten/webbed fingers and toes (syndactyly) - it goes on. Aperts brings with it all sorts of challenges: restricted nasal airways (blocked nose); oral-gastric feeding (tube down throat); stiff or fused joints - again, it goes on. Almost monthly, he's has had one of our nation's finest health practitioners poke, prod, monitor, cut, slice, saw, stuff, scrape or graze their way through and around his beautiful little body and there'll be more to come.

He is the strongest person I know and I'm certain he will feature heavily in this blog.

Edith. Our first-born is two and a half and precocious as all get-up. She happily narrates her way through the day, conducting events around the house like a master of ceremonies. She has a very clear picture of how things should be and happily tells you so - "No daddy! mamma is going to: read me the story / cut up the peach / take me to the park / put my shoes on" Dads are chopped liver at this age and stage. By all accounts when she starts wanting money, dad is number one. I figure I've got about 12 years of downtime to work up the old "Don't spend it all in one store" line, then a couple more for the "So kid, you've come to take my little princess to the dance, come in, sit with me a while" speech.

Edie is a constant crack-up and the funniest person I know.

Maria is mamma. At the start of this year we switched roles, Maria going back to work as an employment lawyer at Luke, Cunningham & Clere here in Wellington. It's fair to say she's loving being back in the zone at work, but equally wishing she could be home with Ira, especially as he faces his first major operations over the next few months.

So, that leaves me. Stay at home dad, domestic goddess, janitor and most importantly Ira's hombre piquante.

Whilst I'm voicing this blog, I can assure you that direction will be received from Maria, so if you wish to post comments, have a query, what-have-you, please consider this a family blog. She will likely be responding to you anyway.

the cat is Nero, the whippet is Lilybiscuit.

See you in a week.

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